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“Baby Talk”

Promotional Contest

As you have visited participating businesses you may have seen a video or a poster featuring a child with a fun caption accompanying the picture.

This is the beginning of a new campaign to invite people to get and use the Prize Points rewards card. We are inviting all qualified cardholders to submit to Prize Points a picture of their child as an infant under the age of 2.  With the picture should be submitted a short positive statement that would invite people to obtain or use the Prize Points rewards card.  The statement should be something that the infant, as pictured, might be saying if they were able to speak.

To the left you will find samples, (not actual entries), of what a picture and caption may look like.

Once the submitted photo and statement is determined by Prize Points (at our sole discretion) to accomplish the stated purpose of this campaign.  The photo and
statement will be displayed on the Prize Points web page. (Please note, these picture will not be accompanied by a name or location.  It is our hope that this will safeguard the
children and families of those submitting photos from unscrupulous individuals.)

Once several qualified submissions have been received, a contest will be held.  Those visiting the page will be invited to vote for their favorite submission.  The cardholder of the winning submission will be awarded TRIPLE POINTS ON ALL PRIZE POINTS QUALIFIED PURCHASES FOR THREE MONTHS. That submission will then be displayed in selected Prize Points participating businesses across the country.  It may appear on video displays and/or on vinyl posters.

By entering this contest you validate that you have read, understood, and accept all rules and terms of the contest, as found on this page. Just email your entry to:


Sponsor is Prize Points and those businesses that have agreed to participate.

Who May Enter:

Entrant must be a Prize Points cardholder that have fully registered their card, (including vaild e-mail and telephone number), and are of legal age in the state where the Entrant resides.

How To Enter:

To ensure eligibility for the contest all entries must have a resolution of 6 million pixels or greater (6 megapixels), (most quality pics will meet this requirement).

Resolution can be calculated by multiplying the pixel width of the image with the pixel height. For example, a photograph taken with a 6‑megapixel camera set for the highest resolution and best quality produces images approximately 2832 pixels by 2128 pixels, which are acceptable under the rules (2832 x 2128 = 6 million).

Entries may originate in any format including, but not limited to digital files, digital prints, color transparencies, color prints, or black and white prints C so long as they are submitted electronically.

All entries must be submitted in digital format through our online entry form.

Photographs that include sculptures, statues, paintings, and other works of art will be accepted as long as they do not constitute copyright infringement or fraud. When photographing the work of others, it must be as an object in its environment and not a full-frame close up of another person’s art.

Once the contest has begun, those with submissions are welcome to invite their family and friends to cast their vote.  Voting will not be limited to cardholders.

We are confident that this contest and campaign will be fun for everyone.  We invite you to show-off your beautiful children.

Though you retain copyright in each image submitted, the digital image file(s) submitted will not be returned or acknowledged.

Obscene, provocative, or otherwise objectionable content will not be considered, and such determination is solely at the discretion of Sponsor.


If the Photograph contains any material or elements that are not owned by the entrant and/or which are subject to the rights of third parties, the entrant is responsible for obtaining any and all releases and consents necessary to permit the exhibition and use of the Photograph in the manner set forth in these Official Rules without additional compensation. Where feasible, entrants should obtain a personal release from all persons who appear in the Photograph submitted, authorizing use of the Photograph in Sponsor’s promotional materials to feature the winning entry, without compensation, permission or notification, unless prohibited by law. Failure to provide such releases upon request may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.


The Entrant guarantees they have all rights for the display and use of any and all photographs listed.  Each entrant retains the copyright to his/her Photograph(s), but not any assoicated text.  Entrant explicitly grants grants Sponsor, its licensees, affiliates and their designees (collectively, the “Authorized Parties”) an irrevocable, nonexclusive license for the duration of copyright to use each Photograph and Description for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes, in any and all media now known or hereafter created, including but not limited to publication in videos, signs, banners, brochures, blogs, and websites, at Authorized Parties’ discretion, without additional consideration, notification, permission to entrant or any third party.