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Why use Prize Points e-coupons?   It is a free service to use. It is simple. There is no printing to be done. You do not have to worry about how you will get the coupons out.  E-coupons can not be copied or forged, they are secure. You have an on-line report to show what it has done for you. So, the better question is “Why not use e-coupons?”

Obviously, you want people to frequent your business. But your goals can be much more specific than that. Data shows that each visit increases the chance that a customer will visit again, effectively choosing you over your competitors.

With the second visit, the likelihood of returning spikes considerably, but it’s on the fourth visit where the likelihood to return probability peaks at around an astounding 90 percent. In other words, if you can get visitors to visit a fourth time, it’s incredibly likely they will keep coming back, and their loyalty is nearly guaranteed.

Profit comes with volume. Volume comes from larger and more frequent purchases. It is a verifiable fact that, on the average, those using the Prize Points card spend significantly more than those that don't. So, how do you entice those frequency card users to come to your business?  E-coupons could be just the ticket.

The e-coupon service is a free service for those businesses participating in the Prize Points reward service. We encourage you to take advantage of this.  We also invite you to be creative in using it.

Here are some questions that might get your creative juices flowing:

You can add or delete coupons and change qualifications as frequently as you desire.

You can be as creative as the needs of your business.  Here are some examples:

An automotive repair shop has a need for rapid cash to invest in more advanced equipment.  To accomplish this they offer 4 oil changes at a 40% discount when purchased at the time of the first oil change.  This allows them to collect money up front for future services.  When they make a sale, they make sure that the customer has a rewards card.  They notify Prize Points that they want three coupons for free oil changes placed in the system for that cardholder.  When the customer comes for their next oil change they present their card, the system verifies they have a coupon and the coupon is redeemed.  There is no coupon to print. 

A motel in a rural community knows that many of their guests come from a city 200 miles away.  They ask Prize Points to send an email to all cardholders in that city offering a 15% discount.  Prize Points creates the coupons and emails all the cardholders in the applicable city telling about the motel and the special offer to them.  They get excellent target marketing at no cost.

A fast food resturant has a coupon generated for a free ice cream cone for each cardholder, living in their market area, on their birthday.  The accompanying email, notifying the cardholder of the coupon, includes a link to see their weekly specials, prior to coming in.

What special marketing need does your business have?  We are ready to help!

Simple to use:

Redeeming e-coupons is simple. As soon as the cardholder qualifies for the e-coupon, according to the criteria that you determine, the e-coupon is automatically created and the cardholder is sent an email notifying them that an e-e-coupon is waiting for them on their next visit.

When the cardholder is ready to redeem their e-coupon, they will tell you that they have an e-coupon they would like to redeem. You simply select the e-coupon option on tools page ( Scan the customers reward card and then select the e-coupon to be redeemed. Give the customer the value of the e-coupon and mark the e-coupon as redeemed. The e-coupon will disappear from the system.

For those with more than one business, please note that you can have the cardholders qualify for the coupon at one business, but have the coupon redeemable at another business.

You will receive a report of e-coupons redeemed.

E-coupon Options:

Option 1 - Cumulative Purchases:

To encourage a lot of big spending.  Learn More

Option 2 - Single Purchase Amount

Use this e-coupon option to motivate larger purchases. What would be a reasonable amount to increase the average purchase at your business? What might you give as a premium to encourage that increase? Answer those two questions and you are ready to offer an e-coupon using this option.

Option 3 – Visited Other Location.

Use this coupon to invite customers of another participating business that has a similar client base. As an example a bike shop might use an e-coupon to invite those shopping at a sportswear store to shop at their business also. This may also be used by those that own two unrelated businesses that want to give a special invitation to those shopping at one location to shop at the other, with no qualification required to receive the e-coupon.

There is a special offer opportunity with your local grocery store. Click to learn

Option 4 – General Area Invitation

You know your market area. Giving a special invitation to those shopping in that market area could be just the ticket. Identify the zip codes and let us know your offer. We will award them an e-coupon on you behalf and invite them to use it.

Just call us toll free at: 1-888-670-7475 and we will help you get your e-coupon promotion done.

Instructions for Redeeming Coupons

Go to on the Prize Points terminal or any Internet enabled devise .

Scroll down and select “E-coupon.”

Enter the card number and select “Submit.”

If the cardholder has earned one or more coupons at your location, those coupons will appear. Select the coupon that the customer is redeeming and then give the cardholder the value of the coupon. If the cardholder does not have a
coupon, the following statement will appear: “There is no available coupons for this customer”.

Once the coupon is redeemed, select the “Go Back to Tools” button.