Card Information

Cardholder Benefits

If you do not already have a Prize Points card, get one. Cards are FREE and available at most participating merchants.

Earn and Redeem Points

Each time that you present your card at a location displaying the Prize Points emblem, you will earn points. Your points will accumulate with each use. You will receive one or more points for each dollar that you spend.

Prize Points is the way that the participating businesses have of saying “Thanks for letting us serve you” and “Please come see us again.” These are merchants that understand that rewarding loyal customers is more valuable than constantly advertising for new customers. They are turning advertising dollars into premiums for their valued customers.  Please see a complete list of participating merchants for your area and across the nation.

You will be able to redeem your points for exciting rewards. Your rewards can be picked up a identified participating businesses with no need to pay shipping or handling.  So, accumulate points quickly by presenting your card every time that you shop. If you would like to view our catalog of premium items, click the word “Catalog” below.

Points are awarded by individual participating businesses. All awarded points are combined to one accumulated sum.  Trading your accumulated points for the rewards of your choice takes place through Prize Points.

Checking and Redeeming your points is simple. Select  Check Your Points  in any of the navigation bars, then enter your full 16 digit card number.  Soon your point total will be returned to you.  Then, returning to the home page, select Point Redemption Catalog and choose the items that you want, which are within your point range.

You will be asked for your card number and your personal “pin number” . The pin number is the four digit number that you selected when registering for your Prize Points card.  The purpose of the pin number is to ensure that only you can redeem your points. Complete the order form and your selection will be on its way to you.

You may combine your card accumulation total with that of other cardholders, such as a spouse.  This is done at the time that your are prepared to place an order.  To combine points, simply make a note in the remarks section of the order form and have each cardholder give their card number and pin number.  The card holders will be contacted for final authorization.

Protecting Your Card And Password

You will use your card number to check your point accumulation in the Prize Points system. Your card number and your chosen password are required for you to exchange the points you have accumulated for the prizes you have selected.  You should be careful and never allow another person to have access to your card or your password.  Prize Points does not assume responsibility for unauthorized use of your accumulated points.

If you have forgotten your password,  go to a redemption location near you.  In the back of the catalog you will find a “Change of Information” form.  Complete that form and give it to a manager at the store.  You will be required to show a picture ID.  We have you show a picture ID to insure that someone has not found your card and is changing the password to enable them to gain access to your account.

If your card is lost or stolen, you should report that loss to Prize Points immediately.  Prize Points does not assume responsibility for points used by unauthorized persons.  You are encouraged to get a new card from a participating businesses and then request that any available points remaining on our lost card be transferred to your new card.