Card Holder Responsilities

Cardholder Responsibilities:

Getting Points Awarded On Transactions

For points to be awarded to you on a transaction, a participating merchant must report to Prize Points the transaction amount, date of transaction, and your card number. To insure that proper credit is given to your card for each transaction, make sure that the merchant processes your card through a Prize Points card reader or records your purchase on a Prize Points Accumulation Form. The company does not assume responsibility for qualified purchases not reported to Prize Points by the Merchant, in the appropriate format and in accordance to Prize Points policies. So, ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure that each merchant properly reports each transaction.

Use your card every time that you shop at a participating merchant. Points are held in reserve for up to ten years, as long as you use your card at least once every 180 days at a participating merchant location, which location reports the use of your card to Prize Points within 180 days of your last recorded use. Should Prize Points not receive a qualified report of a card use within 180 days of the cards last reported use, your card data will be deleted and the points accumulated on that card will no longer be available. So be sure to use your card frequently.

The company also does not assume responsibility for points which are reported by a participating merchant if the merchant has not paid the company the agreed upon amount for the points reported. At times when checking your points on the Internet you may find a transaction that has the words “pending points” following the merchant name. This indicates that the points for that transaction are not yet available to trade for items in the catalog. These transactions are included in the sum of the “Total Points” listed for your convenience.

It is our opinion that this should not alarm you, as long as the merchant remains a Prize Points participating merchant. Please be patient. We are confident that these points will soon be available to you. We invite you to e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns.

If you feel that your point accumulation is incorrect, you will have 45 days to challenge your point balance from the date the points in question were accumulated or used. If you would like to challenge your point balance, please contact. Please us the “comment” portion of this page to give details about your concern. We will get to you as soon as possible. You have the right to challenge your point balance once every 20 days, free. Should you challenge points more than once in a 20 day period, you will pay a penalty of 100 points for each inquiry.

Your card must be registered. Until the card you have is properly registered with Prize Points by you, you do not qualify for any cardholder benefits. So, register your card now.

The proper use of the card, the benefits associated with the card, as well as your responsibilities relating to use of the card are described in part on this page. A full description is found within the combined pages found on this website. Visit and read each page so that you are fully familiar with your benefits and responsibilities associated with use of the card.

Points awarded have no cash value, and cannot be used as payment of any obligation. If there is any abuse of the Prize Points rewards program, failure to follow the program terms (as found on the Prize Points web page, as a whole), or any misrepresentation by you, all unredeemed points shall be forfeited and no additional points shall accumulate.  There is no maximum number of points that you can accumulate in the Program.  Bonus/Promotional offers may have a maximum accumulation.